Family in a Federal Way Apartment
September 21, 2018

Moving a family to Federal Way at Brier Woods allows you to choose the best home for your family. When moving your family to a Federal Way apartment you get all you need…enough bedrooms and bathrooms, room to play, a place for the family pet, and space to be together.  There are easy to follow tips for making family apartment living not only easier, but enjoyable.

Using space wisely is important no matter where a family lives.  You are sharing living space, so it is helpful to be more minimalistic when it comes to having “things” in an apartment. It is best not to be too sentimental. For all those report cards, greeting cards or homemade mother’s day gifts, the time comes that they need to be thrown away.  Keep a photo album or scrapbook full of those items in picture form. Those sentiments will never disappear, but that stack of greeting cards collecting dust will.

Keeping Your Federal Way Apartment Clean

Keeping a home straightened up is always tough with kids, but if each item has a place, it is much easier.  Using baskets, shelves and closet space to organize things allows everyone in the home to put things away and keep the apartment tidy.

Don’t expect your home to be immaculate all of the time.  It isn’t unreasonable to assign chores to everyone in the household, even the toddlers. Having children pick up toys or run a dust cloth over their furniture is a simple task. As the kids get older, they can handle more complex jobs.  If the entire family contributes and there is a specific time of day for chores, it is more likely that everyone will chip in.

Too much kid stuff can be a problem for any parent in any housing situation, so it is better to keep the best toys, not all of the toys. As children outgrow toys or clothes, have them donate to a nearby homeless shelter, or sell them on a public forum. For the toys they really love, there are many choices in toy storage, like wheeled under-bed storage or attractive shelving.

Sharing a Bedroom is Always a Possibility

When sharing bedrooms is necessary, there are some great room ideas out there.  For instance, IKEA offers a bed frame with a pull-out bed underneath or a bed that expands as the child grows. There are even bunk beds with two full-size beds, such as these on Bam, four kids, one room! To make this arrangement even more comfortable and convenient, give the kids the biggest bedroom.  The larger closet will hold all their clothes.  The younger ones have more toys and things to store. If the kids have game consoles and bean bag chairs to play in, having the big room allows all of their fun stuff to stay in their room, therefore out of the living area.

Use your community and Federal Way spaces for fun.  Since apartment living frees you from general home maintenance, you have time to use the Federal Way at Brier Woods pool or go to areas in the community as a family.

Having a family doesn’t mean you need the burden of a house.  Apartment living at Federal Way gives your family a place where friends are close by, and so are babysitters.  It frees your time and allows you to do enjoyable things with the kids. Federal Way at Brier Woods makes family living fun again! Contact us today to find out about our current availability.